100% oil-free compressed air

New machines, lower consumption and cleaner air

Cleaner and more efficient

91% lower CO2 emissions with Stage IIIb engine

The compressors are equipped with a fuel-efficient diesel engine that meets the EEC Tier 4i/Stage IIIb emission requirements. Our oil-free compressors stand out for their lower fuel consumption and lower emissions than the market standard.

See the table below for the emission reductions of Stage IIIb versus the standard Stage IIIa. 

Emmision Standard Stage IIIbStandard forStage IIIaReduction
CO2 in g/kWh0,303,5091,4%
HC in g/kWh0,070,1963,2%
NOx in g/kWh1,702,0015,0%
PM in g/kWh0,0020,02592,0%




30% energy savings with a desiccant dryer 

Naturally, the compressed air is Class Zero certified. In addition, with our modern desiccant (adsorption) dryers the quality of the air can be increased even further. Abird uses high-quality desiccant dryers equipped with:

  • Dew point controlled regeneration with which energy savings of 30% can be achieved
  • An adjustable pressure dew point to -70 °C is possible
  • Additional filters that provide guaranteed high air quality

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The economical diesel engines meet the new EEC Tier 4i/Stage IIIb emission requirements.