100% oil-free compressed air

New machines, lower consumption and cleaner air

About Abird

Abird is specialised in the rental, sale and maintenance of air, light and power supply equipment, industrial tools, welding equipment and lifting and hoisting equipment. We carry out repairs, periodic maintenance and inspections for all this equipment. We also sell all the related consumables and accessories.

More than 50 years of experience

We have been supplying materials and equipment to industrial and petrochemical contractors and businesses for over 50 years. Our people are familiar with the specific procedures, safety regulations, material requirements and challenges in this sector. We supply to end customers, equipment management departments and specialised construction contractors. You can learn more about our company on our Dutch-language website www.abird.nl and German-language website www.abird.de.


Organised by specialism

This approach ensures the expertise, effectiveness and flexibility needed to offer you optimum service. Abird has four specialised departments. The knowledge and experience with respect to oil-free compressors is consolidated in the Abird Energy & Lighting department.

  • Abird Energy & Lighting Verhuur rents power, lighting and compressed air equipment.
  • Abird Tools & Welding Verhuur rents, sells and maintains welding equipment and industrial tools. Burki Lastechniek, Kamphuis Lastechniek and De Wit Las- en Snijtechniek all fall under Abird Tools & Welding.
  • Abird Hoisting & Lifting Verhuur rents, sells and certifies hoisting and lifting equipment. Hef en Hijs Nederland B.V. is part of Abird Hoisting & Lifting.
  • Abird Industrial Projects Planning is specialised in planning, coordinating and maintaining equipment, including lighting, air supply and power supply facilities, during large-scale industrial installation, maintenance and new construction projects.