100% oil-free compressed air

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100% oil free compressed air

Our oil-free compressors are fitted with high quality, proven technology and perform better than the standard in the market. Naturally, the compressed air is Class Zero certified, and in combination with our additional equipment we take it even further. Abird can provide you with both diesel-driven and electrically driven compressors. We are happy to advise you on the best solutions for your specific situation.

An overview of our oil-free compressed air offerings is listed in the table below. Want to know more about our oil-free equipment and the options we offer? Then please contact one of our product specialists, without obligation.

Compressoren, oilfree, dieselEmissionClassPressureAftercooling
A000027 Compressor oil-free 29 M3/minEEC Stage 3b/ Tier 4i           Class Zero3-10 bar (e)Included
A000029 Compressor oil-free 33 M3/minEEC Stage 3b/ Tier 4iClass Zero3-10 bar (e)Included
A000033 Compressor oil-free 37 M3/minEEC Stage 3b/ Tier 4iClass Zero     3-10 bar (e)       Included
A000035 Compressor oil-free 44 M3/minEEC Stage 3b/ Tier 4iClass Zero    3-8 bar (e)Included
Compressors, oil-free. electricApplication range              Pressure                               
A033401 Electric compressor, oil-free5 - 90 m3/min vacuum to -0,5 mbar(e)                       
A033402 Electric compressor, oil-free2,5 - 90 m3/min to 1,0 mbar(e)
A033403 Electric compressor, oil-free4,2 -72 m3/min to 3,5 mbar(e)
A033404 Electric compressor, oil-free1,0 - 20 m3/min to 10,5 mbar(e)

Abird uses high-quality desiccant (adsorption) dryers. These desiccant dryers feature dew point controlled regeneration, which prevents compressed air wastage.

These dryers have an adjustable dew point, which prevents wastage of compressed air and makes very low dew points possible.

Desiccant (adsorption) dryersPressure           Adjustable pressure dew point      (PDP)                                                
25 m3/min7-10 bar                     -40 ºC
45 m3/min.7-10 bar                     -40 ºC
Other complementary equipment and accessories 
Freeze dryers 25 m3/min and 45 m3/min
Wide range of 100% oil-free air hoses
Required adapters 
Required buffer vessels


Technical performance

RPM versus nominal system pressure

P = Nominal system pressure in bar (g)     N = RPM

  1. A1 at min. FAD = 28.8 m3/min
  2. A2 at 10.3 bar = 38.5 m3/min
  3. A3 at 9.3 bar = 43.3 m3/min
  4. A4 at 4.0 -6.9 bar = 45.8 m3/min

We offer a wide range of complementary products and services.