100% oil-free compressed air

New machines, lower consumption and cleaner air

100% oil-free compressors

Our 100% oil-free compressors are fitted with high quality, proven technology and perform better than the market standard.

Naturally, the compressed air is Class Zero certified, and in combination with our additional equipment we take it even further.

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Cleaner and more efficient

With the most economical and cleanest engine

The 100% oil-free compressors from Abird are equipped with a fuel-efficient diesel engine that meets EEC Tier 4i/Stage IIIb emission requirements.

The compressors stand out for their lower fuel consumption and lower emissions than the market standard.

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Dew point controlled regeneration results in significant energy savings.

Our range of compressors

Want to know more about our oil-free equipment and the options we offer? Then please contact one of our product specialists, without obligation.

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Full-service concept

At Abird we will gladly help you with advice, installation, fuel management, monitoring and complementary products.

We start with a thorough analysis of your situation. Our specialists will consult with you or your specialist to obtain a clear picture of the needs and requirements stemming from the process. Once a solution is chosen, it will be assembled and installed for you.

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Technical performance

RPM versus nominal system pressure

The graph above shows the application range of our diesel-powered 100% oil-free compressors. 

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Our team is at your service 24/7, so your processes can continue day and night.